martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Pantheon - Paganuclear

Origen: Estados Unidos

Estilo: NSBM


01. Forge Of A New Aeon - Pyrophyrric Interlude

02. Atomic Feuersturms Over Vinland - Paganuclear Ellipses

03. Shadows Of The Painted Ones (Prettanoi an Taranus III)

04. Intergalactic Führer - Hail The Almighty Cosmic Slayer

05. Cicadic Dirges

06. Howl Of The Thermonuclear Firewoves

07. Raganarokian Twilight

08. Eurorebel - Ode To The New Civil War

09. Soaring Above White Mountains Below Skyfire

10. Thuleus Tetramegistus - Nemesis Plutonium

11. Yielding Of Life

12. Scorched By The Bombastic Roar Of Iron Titans (Outro)

13. Extermination - God's Holy Light (Runic Bonus)


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